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"Nights like this? they just irritate me. They just irritate me, all this pageantry, all this - everybody being so pleasant, my own team mates, fans, hangers on. People who don’t know me at all and are not my friends. What is wrong? Independent wrestling is supposed to be the life blood of the sport and somewhere along the line it lost its balls. Is this golf? Is this a spelling bea? Why are we shaking hands? Why are we friends? I’m not friends with anybody here - I don’t like anybody here and I know they don’t care or give a damn about me. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna walk through that curtain and I’m gonna throw chairs, I’m gonna cuss and I’m gonna spit. I’m gonna punch I’m gonna kick I’m gonna bite I’m gonna claw and I’m gonna scratch my way to four victories - And I’m going to make it look EASY. You people, nobody, nobodies figured it out yet. You have no idea who - or what, you are looking at. But you will. You will."

- Because I’m bored, Love - Jen (Full HQ Set of the Gifs here

WWE Magazine October Scans by

Heres the HQ Scan of THAT image, you can find all the rest from the issue right here!


On the thus far Shieldless RAW. A gift from, it’s not much, but it might ease the withdrawls for a moment. - Jen

Dean Ambrose Candids?

If you’ve taken candids of Ambrose and The Shield at any WWE Live Events we’d love to have them on! You can send them to or Tweet us on @DeanAmbroseNet or link us here and they’ll go up asap credited however you please. Images can also be specifically watermarked for you by request!

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A change is coming!

Here you go ladies! … and gents! The infamous Jon Moxley ‘Censored’ Promo!

New Fan Art!

(Click for full size)

Check out this awesome sketch done by Ernie (@Zombie_Ernie on Twitter!) of the moody Mr Ambrose, I absolutely love caricature sketches as sometimes I feel they capture someones personality so much more accurately than a traditional portrait. Thanks for letting us post it Ernie! And if any of you have any fan art you’d like to share with the world, feel free to submit it to us on Twitter (@JonMoxleyDotNet) or via email on and have it featured in the Gallery!
PWI 500 2012

He’s been up and down and all over the PWI 500 since his debut into it’s ranks in 2006 at #447. So where’d he end up ranking this year? At a quite baffling #253! Then again, when a man has been kept off of TV as much as he has, I suppose it’s to be expected. It’s quite a drop from last years #102 but we have every faith that in the not too distant future, he’ll be seeing off the current top rankings with ease. Not too shabby!

NXT Taping Dark Match Results

Dean Ambrose defeated C.J. Parker.

More on this if we get it, and again I say, another dark match? When oh when do we get this guy on TV? *Shakes fist*

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Friday With Ego Screencaps + More

Been at the Gallery again and this time have added all of Jon’s guest spots in Robert Anthonys web show ‘Friday with Ego’ Season 2. Where we’re introduced to Santa Mox, and re-enactments of ‘Point Break’. Well worth the purchase if you havent seen it yet! Also added more HWA screencaptures & some donated fan candids!

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